First post!

So, hi!

I’m Pippa and this is my blog. I’m new to blogging so bear with (excuse the Miranda reference) if I’m not great to being with!

Depression, well what can I say? It completely engulfs you. It takes over your life. Your life is no longer yours anymore because this big black cloud is constantly hanging over you. Even if you’re out doing something fun that you used to enjoy, it’s there, lurking, waiting to spoil your day. That’s what depression is, a lurker. It hides away at the back of your head, just waiting, waiting until you’re weak, waiting to take you away to that dark place and haunt you. Then it steals you away from your life, the life you used to love, and makes you hate it. Maybe for an hour, sometimes for days.

How do I know this? I’ve been there. I’ve suffered from it. And let me tell you, it’s really not fun. And the worst thing? You feel you have to pretend everything is okay, to the outside world nothing is wrong. You’re not bleeding, you can’t see a broken bone, you don’t look ill. So no one thinks you are. But it is an illness, just one inside your head. It’s taken me an awfully long time to realize and accept this, and only now I have am I able to see what it really is and how little people know about it. So that’s why I’m writing this blog, in an attempt to increase awareness and share my experiences.



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